Our current reason for our children remaining at RVCS is that all of our expectations were exceeded. We are extremely blessed to be a part of the RVCS family and thank the Lord for the quality Christian education, the excellent academics, the Christ-minded teachers and staff.

 Testimonial Video - Brad and Ashley (Class of 2003) Townsend

Below are some excerpts taken from a recent survey of families. 
Question:  What is your current reason for your child/children remaining at RVCS?

Great confidence in the teachers and leadership of the school, and our desire for our kids to be taught according to an uncompromised Christian worldview.
We are at RVCS now because we know that the world wants our child’s heart and mind.  We feel RVCS is on the same page with us in fighting for our child’s heart to belong to Christ. That the leadership of the school and the teachers in the classroom are on the same page with us in this daily battle is an encouragement to us as parents and we believe will have a significant impact on [our child].

Our current reason for our children remaining at RVCS is that all of our expectations were EXCEEDED. We are extremely blessed to be part of the RVCS family and  thank the Lord for the quality Christian education, the excellent academics, the Christ-minded teachers and staff. Your servant leadership is a tremendous gift in the Kingdom of God. We see our boys GROWING in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ at RVCS. Thank you!

Our children are thriving at RVCS which is the reason we remain committed to the school. We definitely feel that the teachers and staff care about their well-being and development as individuals.

Our reasons remain the same as when we initially put [our child] in Christian education.  She is so grounded in her faith that we would not do anything to jeopardize that.  Even though she is looking at secular colleges, we believe that her past and current education as well as her morals and beliefs will help guide her through the next phases of education she will face.

Jesus!  Thank you for continuing to keep Jesus in [our daughter's] school life as well as here at home.  We love you guys!

The teachers are caring and wonderful. She is learning so much and we like that the class size is small enough where she receives individual attention when needed. We especially like the fact music classes are incorporated into the curriculum as well. She is very happy at RVCS and we feel blessed she is at such a wonderful school.

Where do I begin?.......
  PRESENCE OF FAITH: The kids deserve to be in an environment where God is present and I don't think that public schools are allowed to promote presence of God in student's life and how he is involved in their daily life and decision making.
  BIBLE:  When we were discussing with our 5 year old the differences in the schools one thing that came up was Bible.  She cried when she was told that they didn't have Bible time at [a public school].
  LOVE: - I firmly believe that every teacher my children have encountered fill their days with love.
  CONFIDENCE: I watch the older students and see the confidence that these children hold - no doubt some of  it comes from homes full of encouragement but it also comes because of such an encouraging staff (from teachers, to lunch assistants, to administration and everyone in between) that believes and instills confidence in their children on a daily basis.
  EMPOWERMENT: When we attended the play for Beauty and the Beast I commented to my husbandthat to be such a small school they have so many talented kids that can sing and act.  He said to me that its not that the kids are anymore talented than the kids in other schools - its that the staff here believes in these kids and therefore these kids all radiate a sense of confidence and so they will try because they are made to feel so comfortable and accepted here.
  ACADEMICS:   The academics at the RVCS are beyond my expectations.  When I was told the Kindergarten class would all be reading before Christmas I thought there is no way.  Three weeks later mine comes home reading.  AMAZING! I feel the academics at RVCS are the best in Roanoke.
  COMFORT LEVEL: In today's society with so many unknowns as a parent it feels good to drop my kids off in the morning and not worry about them during the day.  I KNOW each morning that I am leaving my kids in the hands of a staff that I fully trust my children with. 
  CLASS SIZE: The smaller class room settings are ideal for learning.
  PARENT INVOLVEMENT: It is so welcoming to know that I am welcomed and encouraged to take part in my child's education.  I love that the school heavily involves the parents and works with them as partners. 
  KIDS: All summer my kids ask when they get to go back to school? If there is a delay they are upset because they can't go on time to school.  When a child thinks school is a reward - that says a lot about that school.