Our current reason for our children remaining at RVCS is that all of our expectations were exceeded. We are extremely blessed to be a part of the RVCS family and thank the Lord for the quality Christian education, the excellent academics, the Christ-minded teachers and staff.

Below are some excerpts taken from a recent survey of families. 
Question:  What is the main thing that keeps you committed to maintaining your child’s/childrens enrollment at RVCS?

We absolutely love this school and it’s commitment to solid Biblical education.  The teachers and staff are unparalleled in their commitment to the children and their education. This school is an incredible blessing to our family!

The loving environment, the faith based curriculum, the teaching styles, the approach to conflict, the parent involvement, and the comfort I have as a parent of sending my child somewhere I feel safe everyday.

Strong Christian world view, excellent teachers who mentor students as well as teach them; strong male Christian leaders making a huge difference in the classroom in developing male Christian leaders.

I grew up at RVCS and am so thankful for the Biblical Worldview that was modeled for me. I want my children to receive the same biblical training. I appreciate that the values being taught at home, are also reinforced at school.

Desire to raise my children up in Biblical Truth. I see the school as a partnership in this effort.

Our kids love RVCS. They love going to school each day. The small classrooms allow for our kids to grow and gain confidence.

Administration and teachers are actively partnering to educate, disciple and love our children.

Biblical worldview in connection with high academic standards and freedom to worship and pray

Teaching from Christian viewpoint and the wonderful teachers that truly are invested in my kids