Supplementary Learning Program

The Supplementary Learning Program consists of six different divisions:

Educational Therapy

(National Institute for Learning Development) is designed for students (K-12) who are not achieving their academic potential due to difficulties in acquisition and use of listening, speaking, reading, reasoning, or mathematical abilities.  Areas of weaknesses are identified through a battery of tests, educational and psychological.  Emphasis is placed upon strengthening the identified areas of weakness in perception and cognition through individualized instruction.  Students attend Educational Therapy three hours weekly.  Parents are involved at home and work closely with the therapist.  Students are usually enrolled a minimum of three to four years depending upon the severity of the deficits.  Development of self-reliance and logical thinking in both academic and living situations is the ultimate objective.  Students, grades 9-12, receive 1/2 credit if enrolled in educational therapy two days a week for the year. If enrolled for three days a week of the year, one credit is issued. RVCS employs two certified NILD therapists.

Resource Program (four Components)

Resource Program at Roanoke Valley Christian Schools provides help for students who need accommodations or modifications in the regular classroom.  Students are seen by a resource teacher at least three times a week for 30 minutes each time.  These sessions will be one-on-one as much as possible.  Older students may be seen in groups of two or three. 

Independent Resource is designed for older students who have already been part of the Resource Program. The assigned resource teacher will meet with the Independent Resource students weekly,

The classroom teacher refers students to the Resource Program when a weakness is discovered.  The length of time spent in the Resource Program varies according to need (from one month to a full school year). Recommendations will be made throughout the school year.

Academic Enrichment Program is designed for students, grades 4-5, who are higher achieving students (80th percent or higher on math and 70% or higher on reading on a standardized test) in their academic work.  Students meet twice weekly for approximately 90 minutes for advanced studies in math, science and language arts.
Search and Teach

Search and Teach specifically identifies and provides intervention for kindergartners who may have difficulty acquiring the basic skills necessary for success as they begin formal instruction in reading and the language arts. SEARCH is the diagnostic element of the program.  TEACH is a series of learning activities which have been compiled to specifically target and strengthen any weak area that may be revealed by SEARCH.  The primary goal of the SEARCH & TEACH program is to prepare children for reading success, and therefore prevent the emotional consequences of school failure.  There is no charge for SEARCH.  If a child appears to be at risk in any of the areas, a meeting will be held to discuss these issues and decide whether his or her enrollment in the TEACH program should be considered.

Teachers on Call

Teachers make themselves available to work with an individual student or a small group of students as the students need additional help with understanding concepts which have been taught in the classroom.  Also, students can take advantage of these times to make up tests and receive assistance in completing assignments. There is no charge for this service.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7:50 – 8:15 a.m. 

Tutoring Service

Parents coordinate with teachers for tutoring during after school hours.  This provides for a more intense focus on areas in which a student has academic need.

Services to HomeSchoolers

Home School Support


There is a fee for all divisions of the Supplementary Learning Program in addition to the regular tuition except for Teachers on Call.  Students requiring both Educational Therapy and Resource Program will receive a reduced rate.
Academic Enrichment:  $820.00/year
Educational Therapy:  $2,350/year
Resource:  $155.00/month
Search and Teach:  $65.00/month

Occupational Therapy

See the attached brochure for information about a resource for occupational therapy.  BROCHURE HERE (PDF)