Enrollment Information



2018-19 Fee Schedule


K2-K5 (5 full days) $5,840
K2-K4 (2 half days): $1,340
K2-K4(2 full days): $2,335
K2-K4 (3 half days): $2,015
K2-K4 (3 full days)  $3,500
K2-K5 (5 half days): $3,375
Grades 1-4: $6,270
Grades 5-8: $6,580
Grades 9-12: $7,005

Many families qualify for SCHOLARSHIPS reducing the tuition as listed above.  For details contact the Admission Director.
Tuition is payable on an annual, semi-annual, or monthly basis.

Registration Fee:*
1 Student $110.00
2 Students $213.40
3 Students $305.25
4 Students $387.20
5 Students $459.25

*The registration fee is due at the time of enrollment or re-enrollment, and is non-refundable.

Family Scholarship:

For both tuition and registration fee, there is a scholarship for each additional child enrolled.  The TUITION cap for families is $13,920 for 2018-19.

Testing Fee:

A testing fee of $50.00 per individual is due at the time of testing for new students, but only necessary if a recent standardized testing report is not available.  (This fee is in addition to the registration fee.)  
A fee of $25.00 per Kindergarten applicant is due prior to testing.  This fee is included in the registration fee.  The balance is payable at the entrance interview.

Curricular Fee:

Annual curricular fees include consumable workbooks, curriculum packets, computer fees, etc.
 K2 - Grade 4   $75.00
 Grades 5-12 $100.00

Financial Aid:

Every family at RVCS receives indirect financial aid toward tuition.  Every RVCS family benefits because the tuition rates do not cover the total cost to educate the children.  The average cost to educate a student at RVCS exceeds $8,800.

Association of Christian Schools International and the Commonwealth of Virginia have made available a scholarship fund for students entering K5 and Grade 1, as well as students coming from a public school and enrolling at any other grade level.  For an application or further information, please contact the Main School Office

Pastor Scholarship:

Pastors receive a 25% scholarship on tuition; however an application must be completed verifying the meeting of certain criteria.

Referral Scholarship:

Current RVCS parents and staff can receive a 10% referral scholarship if a new family they have referred enrolls a child.  This applies to a new student that is enrolled for his/her first year or for any part of a school year.  For more information, contact the school office.

ACSI Children's Tuition Fund and Renewanation Virginia Scholarship Foundation:
The Association of Christian Schools International, Renewanation and the Commonwealth of Virginia have made available a scholarship fund for low to moderate income families for students entering K5 and Grade 1, as well as students coming from a public school and enrolling at any other grade level.  For further information, please contact the Main School Office.
CLICK HERE to download the application (2017-18 school year) for the ACSI Children's Tuition Fund.
CLICK HERE for the 2016 Poverty Guidelines to be used in conjunction with above application.
CLICK HERE to donate to the fund.
CLICK HERE to download the application (2017-18 school year) for the Renewanation Virginia Scholarship Foundation.

Contact Eric Eric Gutierrez, Director of Development and Recruitment for additional information or assistance. 

International Students from Korea:

For Korean families who are interested in enrolling students at RVCS, please contact Yunhee Shin for information. Her contact information is: jfyouni@gmail.com.


Part-time Enrollment:

Often parents who home school will desire for their child to enroll in one or more classes at RVCS.  If interested, an enrollment application must be completed.  A fee for individual classes is set each year.  For more information, contact the Admissions Director.


To download an enrollment form for a new student click on the link at the top of this page. If you are an active member of a church, please download and complete the Pastor's Reference Form, also found at the top of the page.   If you have questions, please contact the Admissions Director, Sherry Snyder, or call (540) 366-2432, ext. 119. 

Returning Students have no paperwork to submit, however a registration fee is due annually.   Contact Sherry Snyder if you have questions.


Christian Schools: Is Your Investment Worth It?  (pdf)
The Distinctives of Christian Schooling (pdf)
Christian School Comment, 10-12 "Heaven or Harvard" - ACSI Publication (pdf)


"I just wanted to drop you a line and let you and the rest of the RVCS staff know how impressed [my wife and II] are by everyone at RVCS. We've had teachers come to ball games, stop by our house to see the kids tree house, simply going above and beyond what is typically expected of teachers. My elementary principal didn't even know my name and my school wasn't that much bigger than RVCS, and yet you know every kid's name and greet them by name every morning. We are so thrilled with the level of education and how you have worked so diligently with [our son] to teach him to read. We are simply overwhelmed at what an incredible job you are all doing in the education of our children. We can't thank you enough." (School Parent of 6)

"Love and Biblical principles are the root of everything else done and taught at the school."
(School Parent)

"Thank you...for ALL the things you do for our children.  I am thrilled with the school and am so very happy with the professional end of it and all the positive things I have ALWAYS heard regarding the school and staff.  It is just so warm and wonderful and we are so blessed to be a part of it all."
(School Parent)