Eagles’ Wings School of Music

General Information

Our Purpose

Eagles’ Wings School of Music exists to encourage excellence in music and life.  We want not only to enrich the lives of our students, but to motivate them to enrich the lives of others for the glory of God, especially through service in the local church.

Students and Instructors

The School of Music exists to equip students who have the personal desire and family support to diligently pursue music education in a Christ-centered atmosphere.  Our faculty are skilled musicians and teachers who are well-grounded in their faith, active in their churches, and intentional in their witness. 

Instruction Offered

We provide a minimum of 28 lessons for the year, averaging 12 in the fall and 16 in the spring.  Lessons are 30 minutes per week, and cover performance technique, music literacy, interpretation, and theory.  We currently are offering piano, beginner to intermediate guitar, trumpet, flute, clarinet, and voice. A 6-week summer session may be offered at the discretion of the teacher.

Performance Opportunities

Select students will play for the Christmas program, Grandparents Day, and Fine Art Fanfare. All piano students will play in a spring recital.


While expectations will vary, students generally will be expected to practice at least four days per week. Students who are unwilling to practice should not register.

Lesson Materials

Students generally secure their own materials as directed by their instructors. It is vital that each student brings all materials to every lesson. After one failure to do so, subsequent failure will result in the cancellation and forfeiture of the lesson. A student should always first report to the lesson in such cases so the teacher may officially cancel the lesson and see the student back to his/her classroom when applicable.


6th-12th grade RVCS students are scheduled during elective periods or before or after school.  Other students are scheduled throughout the school day or before or after school.  The Director of the School of Music will work with the student, teacher, and school to find a mutually agreeable time.  The School of Music follows the RVCS calendar, and does not hold lessons when school is not in session.  If RVCS is closed due to inclement weather, the School of Music will also be closed.  Lessons will be rescheduled as needed. 

Attendance and Make-Ups

Up to two lessons per semester will be rescheduled for student absences due to scheduling conflicts or illness.  For scheduling conflicts, 24 hours notice must be given to the teacher.  For illness, notice should be given at the first opportunity.  Student no shows will not be rescheduled or refunded.  Should an instructor miss a lesson unexpectedly, the student should immediately return to his or her classroom.  For Summer Session, one make-up lesson may be given to accommodate an emergency or illness.   

Tuitions and Fees

  • Tuition: $290 per semester ($580 per year)

  • Administration Fee: $20 added to first billing

  • Optional 6-week Summer Session Tuition: $120

Mid-semester refunds are granted only when a student cannot physically continue lessons due to illness or relocation.  Summer Sessions are non-refundable, though one make-up lesson may be given to accommodate an emergency or illness.   

Payment Options

All payments will be made through the FACTS Family Portal on the RVCS homepage. 


RVCS students already have a FACTS account for school tuition.  Your payment schedule for music lessons can differ from other FACTS payments.  You will choose your lesson payment schedule when you register below. 


You will need to create a FACTS account by clicking on the FACTS Family Portal on the RVCS homepage.  There you will choose one of three payment options:  Annual (Year In Full), Semi-annual (Semester In Full), or Monthly.  Your choice sould match the option you select on our lesson registration form (link below). A FACTS enrollment fee (a separate fee charged by FACTS) will be added to the first billing in the amount of $20 for the annual or semi-annual option or $50 for the monthly option. 


Lesson charges will be posted on the 25th of each billing month, and payments are due by the 5th of the following month. Summer Sessions will be charged in full at the beginning of June and are due on June 20th.


Registration is for the entire school year.  If you will not be continuing in the spring semester, please notify your lesson teacher and Mrs. Hardin (mhardin@sbcfamily.org) before January 1st. 


FACTS Payment Questions: Contact Telesa Kessler at tkessler@sbcfamily.org
School of Music Questions: Contact Michelle Hardin at mhardin@sbcfamily.org or 540-312-9164